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"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap: Jan. 29, 2015

Jan 29, 2015 -- 2:22pm

How much would you pay to watch the Packers play in the Super Bowl.

ESPN Wisconsin staff

The Packers aren't playing in the Super Bowl, which may have saved some Cheeseheads a bit of money.

Scratch that.

It saved them A LOT of money.

Reports indicate that Super Bowl tickets in the far corners of University of Phoenix Stadium -- what industry insiders call "get-in-the-door" tickets, are selling for up to $7,000.

Alex & Drew asked how much Packers fans would pay for the honor of watching their team play for the Lombardi Trophy. Drew figured that as a "once-in-a-lifetime" or "bucket list" event, most people would spend about $2,000.

Many listeners called in and said, "I would rather watch at home."

When Dan arrived, the daily dose of "Fact or Fiction" spun into an argument about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Many are saying that if he leads New England to victory on Sunday, Brady can be considered the greatest quarterback of all-time. Dan argued against the notion, citing Joe Montana's 4-0 record in Super Bowls. (Brady is currently 3-2).

Drew & Alex disagreed with Dan's logic.

Drew pointed out that Montana's record in the postseason included four "one-and-dones" and that the fact that Brady "lost" two Super Bowls shouldn't be held against him.

"Isn't winning a conference championship better than losing in the first round?" Drew asked.

The guys wore Dan down with their logical discussion, but Dan maintained that -- in one game for all the marbles -- he'd still pick Montana.



"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap: Jan. 28, 2015

Jan 28, 2015 -- 2:11pm

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has been the talk of Super Bowl media week... because he hasn't been talking.

ESPN Wisconsin staff

On "Survey Wednesday," the guys asked three questions:

1. Should the NFL fine Marshawn Lynch for not answering questions during Super Bowl Media Day?

2. What is the one thing at your job you hate the most?

3. What is your one question for Mike McCarthy during his season-ending press conference?

Alex defended Lynch's right to remain silent, Drew and Dan thought that the running back's actions warranted a fine from Roger Goodell in order to prevent other players -- or even a whole team -- from doing something similar in the future.

Asked what they hate most about their jobs, Alex & Drew agreed it was the ESPN MIlwaukee microwave, which Drew compared to a young girl's "Easy Bake Oven."

As for the season-ending press conference, slated for 1 p.m., the guys agreed that Clay Matthews' mysterious disappearance from the field at the end of the NFC Championship Game in Seattle was the topic that deserves the most explanation.


"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap: Jan. 27, 2015

Jan 27, 2015 -- 2:17pm

Would you eat the new "Double Down Dog" from KFC?

ESPN Wisconsin staff

With Super Bowl media day dominating the national airwaves, Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon kept things local today.

They spent a fair amount of time complaining about the microwave oven in the ESPN MIlwaukee kitchenette, which Drew compared to an "Easy Bake Oven" that cooks food with a 15-watt light bulb. It took Alex 3 1/2 minutes to microwave his frozen edamame snack. Along with some Twitter discussion about KFC's new "Double Down Dog," which is debuting in the Phiillipines, Drew warned Alex that Dan would rip the idea of eating young soybeans.

But, seriously folks...

Talk centered on the Bucks' quest for a new arena, which got a huge boost when Gov. Scott Walker announced plans to add a "jock tax" to his next state budget which would facilitate a $220 million contribution to the project.

Alex, Drew & Dan all think the arena will be good for Milwaukee and Downtown development, the question now shifts to "Where?" As in "where will they put the new building?" Drew favors the Journal Sentinel site, which would allow for possible expansion of the Wisconsin Center.

"This is a chance for a re-boot Downtown," he said. "But, given that this is Milwaukee, we'll probably screw it up and put it in the worst possible place."

The guys spent time chatting with NFL Network film guru Ben Fennell, who dropped some knowledge on the Packers and caused Alex to giggle like a schoolgirl. (Especially when Fennell validated Petakas' opinion that John Kuhn doesn't contribute much to the Packers beyond fans chanting his name).

When Dan Needles arrived, after teasing Alex about eating edamame, he and the guys talked about the Bucks' arena, Bob McGinn's column on Aaron Rodgers and they played a Twitter Tuesday quiz game (Dan beat Alex) and held the usual Twitter Tuesday contest, with Dan prevailing over D.J. in Tosa.

The Bucks arena will continue to dominate headlines for the next few weeks. Where would you like to see it located?




"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap: Jan. 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015 -- 3:05pm

The Brewers unveiled "Barrelman," a mascot to help "Bernie Brewer" do mascot things...

ESPN Wisconsin staff

One week after the "Collapse in Seattle," Alex & Drew were still coming to grips with the notion that they will not be attending the festivities surrounding Super Bowl week in Phoenix.

Drew attended the Brewers' "On Deck" event on Sunday, which was attended by roughly 12,000 people. In addition to updates on free-agent pitcher signings (don't hold your breath beyond a few bullpen guys) and Ryan Braun's thumb ("feels great... so far") the highlight of the day may have been the debut of "Barrelman" a secondary mascot to join the infamous "Bernie Brewer."

Drew liked the nod to the Brewers' original logo from 1970 and ties to the old American Association teams that played at Borchert Field. Alex thought Barrellman looked "kind of creepy."

The guys also talked about the Patriots and "Deflate-Gate," but nobody really has much juice for a Super Bowl matchup that doesn't involve Green Bay.


"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap: Jan. 23, 2015

Jan 23, 2015 -- 1:30pm

The NFL is investigating claims that the Patriots intentionally deflated footballs during the AFC Championship Game Sunday in Foxboro.

ESPN Wisconsin staff

Alex was "on assignment" today due to a minor illness or, as Drew hypothesized, he was "curled in the fetal position after watching the "All 22" film of the Packers' playoff loss to the Seahawks.

Flying solo with producer Chris Larsen chiming in, Drew lambasted the Patriots and the NFL over "DeflateGate." With the keyword, "Unbelievable," Drew declared that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady both seemed to be lying at their press conferences on Thursday.

"Belichick made a point to say that he doctors balls in practice to make things 'uncomfortable' for his players," Drew said. "The idea that he is oblivious to the condition of the balls in games is absurd. As for Brady, he said he doesn't notice balls in the games in the press conference when he said that he prefers balls pumped to 12.5 psi.

"The only thing more unbelievable than those two press conferences is the idea that the NFL is 'investigating' the incident, but had not spoken to Brady."

With Alex out of the picture, Channel 12 sports director Dan Needles popped in following Tillie's "In a Word," segment (which featured a review of the movie "American Sniper" and a discussion of the new cinnamon sugar Cheetos).

Needles weighed in on Deflate-Gate and the guys talked to Jason Wilde about the Packers ranking last in special teams rankings.

The boys welcomed Miller Time Pub and Grill for "Free Food Friday," with general manager James Sanchez delivering an array of cheese curds, tater tots and artisan pizzas to the party.

In the final hour of the program, the guys talked to Fat Jack and discussed the possibility of the Brewers trading for Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon. They didn't get around to discussing the Pro Bowl, which Drew has stated for years should be disbanded.

There will be time for that on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone.

"Alex & Drew with Needles at Noon" Recap: Jan. 22, 2015

Jan 22, 2015 -- 1:14pm

Gary Andersen's comments inspired a fiery segment for "Alex & Drew with Needles and Noon."

ESPN Wisconsin staff

On Day 4 of the "post-NFC Championship depression session," Alex & Drew tried to look ahead. Alex asked folks, "If you could change ONE THING about the Packers next year, what would it be?"

While many pointed to the defense, particularly the inside linebacker position, Alex made a case that the Packers need more offensive weapons because they have not accounted properly for the departures of James Jones and Jermichael Finley.

As usual, Drew disagreed.

"They led the league in points," he said. "They were 3 minutes from the Super Bowl. The engine doesn't need an overhaul. We just need a few accessories, like heated seats or a defroster for the rear-view mirror."

Drew's suggestion: an accomplished kick returner to help with field position.

(Note: Both Alex & Drew believe that special teams coach Shawn Slocum will be fired sooner than later).

Other changes included more of a "foot on the gas" mindset, a productive first-round draft pick (wasn't Ha Ha Clinton-Dix productive?) and a shutdown cornerback.

When Dan Needles arrived on the scene, the guys shifted their discussion to Gary Andersen's comments in a piece by Dennis Dodd.

Andersen confirmed what many have speculated: part of the reason he left Wisconsin for Oregon State was the difficulty he had in getting players enrolled under UW's stringent admission setup.

Alex & Drew felt that Andersen raised a few valid points and wondered if the Badgers could compete for a national championship given the "shackles" of standards that make it tough to add junior-college players and other athletes that are "borderline" students.

"People who embrace the academic side of things and deride the program for not "winning the big one" are trying to have it both ways," Drew said.

Dan took the opposite approach, slamming Andersen and lauding UW's adherence to standards.

Callers decided that both sides of the argument held merit.

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