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Bad news for Bucks fans?

Feb 28, 2012 -- 1:06am


It appears as though the Sacramento Kings, with an assist from former All-Star point guard-turned-Mayor Kevin Johnson, are going to get their new arena.

That could impact folks in Milwaukee.

Wait... What?

With a new building slated to go up in Seattle, the Kings were the NBA franchise considered most likely to move north as fans in Washington State seek to replace the dearly departed Sonics.

Now, they'll look at other options... and Milwaukee almost certainly will be mentioned as a candidate for relocation along with New Orleans, which is currently being run as a ward of the NBA.

The NBA isn't in a mode to expand at this point. Adding a franchise in Seattle would necessiate adding two teams and -- to be blunt -- the league is running out of viable options. St. Louis and Kansas City have relatively new buildings, but they haven't been on the league's radar. With franchises struggling in several markets, at least one relocation in the next few years seems likely.

If things don't get moving on a replacement for the Bradley Center, you'll be hearing about the Bucks in those stories.

Here is more information on the Kings' arena deal.

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