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Brust's travel tradition

Mar 14, 2012 -- 2:10pm

Brust's travel tradition


MADISON – Wisconsin sophomore Ben Brust has always been willing to share his enjoyable personality with members of the media. He’s always talking NASCAR (surprisingly he’s not a huge fan of the Daytona 500), he’s shared family holiday stories and most recently, his love for a hit TV show.

Whenever the Badgers hop on a plane or bus headed for anywhere Brust needs to make sure his laptop and DVD’s are in order.

“I’ve just got to make sure I’ve got my Modern Family ready to go,” he said when asked about any travel superstitions. “It’s my go-to show when I’m on the plane.”

Modern Family, a hit comedy smash on ABC, is currently in the midst of its third season. Ty Burrell plays the popular, Phil Dunphy, also Brust’s favorite character.

“It’s Phil,” Brust said without hesitation. “Hands down. I actually saw Phil (Burrell) in a couple of movies. He was in National Treasure 2. He was also in the Incredible Hulk. He’s actually a decent guy in both, but it’s not Phil.

“He’s forever Phil Dunphy.”

Much like he tries to get others into NASCAR, Brust tries to get his teammates involved with Modern Family.

“People have got to give it a chance,” he said. “I’ll steal George’s (Marshall) Pro Beats with the two headphone jacks so Dan (Fahey) and I can watch it. I got Dan into it. When it’s on people will watch.

“But I’m really the only one that gets into it.” 

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